Sink Base Cabinets

A sink base cabinet has been specially crafted to use with a sink. The cabinet does not have a back panel, which allows plenty of room for access to the plumbing. Browser variety of sink base cabinet and we will deliver at your door steps.

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Sink Base Cabinets Various Units & Style

Sink Base Kitchen Cabinets

Besides the living room, the kitchen is the second most popular room in your house. For good cause, too: This is where all the action takes place! You might think of it as a beehive-like activity that takes place to make such savoury delicacies that can feed a whole army.

People are drawn to kitchens that appear inviting, so as a homeowner, you want to make sure yours does, too. After all, the kitchen is a window into the character of your house. In a well-kept kitchen, there is a sensation of warmth, energy, and well-being.

Having the correct equipment and furniture in your kitchen is essential if you want to achieve a classy look. To get a style that’s both visually appealing and practical and efficient at the same time, sink base kitchen cabinetry is an excellent option.

Sink Base Cabinet

Cabinets made specifically for sink installation are known as sink base cabinets. How the cabinet looks is determined by what kind of sink will be fitted.

A sink base cabinet has been designed specifically for use with a sink. Having no back panel enables for easy access to the plumbing in the cabinet. Also, drawers in base cabinets interfere with water lines, waste traps, and other pipes that are under the sink.

In spite of the fact that the cabinets feature fake drawer fronts, they balance out the cabinet’s appearance. The base cabinet for the sink can be made from the same wood as the rest of the kitchen or bathroom cabinets. There are options for matching the other units’ finishes and door styles when designing this one. To ensure that they choose the right sink base cabinet for their kitchen, homeowners should first decide what sort of sink they want to utilise.

In order to accommodate the sink, sink base cabinets include a false drawer front. A shelf isn’t included in these cabinets and the rear of the cabinet is left open so plumbing can be run. Between 30 and 42 inches wide, these cabinets are suitable for most applications.

Sink base cabinet Size

Standard kitchen sink lengths are usually accommodated by the base cabinet widths. The most typical cabinet sizes are 30 inches wide and 36 inches wide. The cabinet’s height can be adjusted, but 36 inches is a good starting point. A 36-inch base cabinet can accommodate a normal 33-by-22-inch sink.

Sink base cabinet Cost

Materials and labour costs are the two components of its total price. Material costs for a kitchen base cabinet range from $200 to $600. Labour costs, meanwhile, decline from $60 to $300. Between $110 and $250 per square foot, you may anticipate to pay for a kitchen base cabinet to be built and installed.


A sink base cabinet serves as a place to keep the sink and the pipes that go with it hidden. Because they are meant to be used with other base cabinets, their measurements are identical to those of a normal base. This will fit the sink and provide for additional piping space.

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